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How To Include Product or Service Ads for Your Live Streams

7 Tips for Including Product or Service Promotions for Your Live Streams


There are several ways of including promotions for the products and services you sell when you are live streaming video to your target audience. It will all depend on the nature of the content you are streaming.

1-A launch

Launching a new product or service is always an occasion for a huge marketing campaign across several different channels, including live streaming on Facebook, YouTube and so on. You will be showcasing the product as in an infomercial you would see on TV. You can also give live demonstrations of the product in action. You can do this yourself, or get ordinary people to show how effective the product is. You can also get reviews and testimonials in this way.

Create a special URL for the video only so you can track the effectiveness of your video and they can find the item you are talking about. Create a tiny URL for the special page and use an easy to remember keyword. Copy the URL and paste it into a word processing document. Boost the font as large as it will go so the URL is readable. Hold it up on the screen every so often. Also, copy and paste the URL into the video description.

2-A quick start guide

Introducing a product is great, and demonstrating it is excellent. Also providing a quick start guide that takes the guesswork out of using the item also offers real value to your target audience.

3-A behind-the-scenes look at product creation

Your target audience will be more engaged with the product if they can see some of the reasoning and work that goes into it. For example, if you have decided to create an online course about time management, show the desire to help and the brainstorming that went into creating the course. Include the URL to buy the course.

4-A behind-the-scenes look at your company

Your company might not always be a hive of activity, but spending 1 or 2 hours showing the typical things you do on a busy day, including creating a new product or working with clients, could help seal the deal. For example, if you work as a virtual assistant, show the types of tasks you perform. Just make sure not to reveal anything confidential. The whole point is to inspire viewers to give their service a try. Include the URL to a page that details all you offer.

5-A live event

If you are hosting a live event, such as a one-day conference or summit, be sure to stream the event. You can live stream on YouTube and Facebook for up to 4 hours. Showcase some of the products on offer via “back of the room sales”, that is, the item being sold for a special discounted price to those attending. Let your video audience in on the deals as well by giving them a special URL.

6-An interview

Live events are great places for professionals in the same niche to all get together to exchange ideas. If you’re meeting up with any fellow pros, ask if you could interview them live about a particular topic they want to discuss which is linked to a product or service they wish to sell. Organize the URLs of any products they will mention, and any you would like to try to sell yourself that are also related to the topic.

7-FAQ Q and A sessions

In almost every niche, there are always going to be frequently asked questions (FAQs) that your target audience, especially beginners, want and need to know the answers to. Ask them to email your questions, or organize a set of questions for each show and answer them live. The answers might include live demonstrations of your products. If you get a lot of questions when you are live streaming, it will be impossible to answer them all, but tell viewers a follow-up video will be coming that will tackle them.


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