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How to Get Your Audience to Eagerly Share Your Live Stream Videos

Get Your Audience to Eagerly Share Your Live Stream Videos


There are a number of ways to get your audience to eagerly share your live stream videos. There are various sharing methods that will work before you go live, will work while you are live online, and others that will work once the live stream is over and the video has been archived. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Before the broadcast

Choose your topic wisely

Determine topics you will be discussing in your live videos well in advance of presenting them. Give each video a great title that makes your target audience feel it’s a video they would not want to miss.

Create a calendar of events

Create a calendar showing the date and time of your next live videos. Pass along the URL to your target audience and encourage them to share it. Include social media share buttons right on the page to make it easier.

Send reminders

Count down to the time you are going to go live, with a daily reminder as the event draws closer, and just before. Remind them to share it with anyone they think would not want to miss out.

Offer Q and A

Announce that you will be doing a detailed question and answer session as part of the broadcast. Invite people to submit questions on social media and via email. A lot of people will tune in just because they’ve submitted a question. Encourage them to invite others to submit a question and tune in on the day.

Run a contest

Announce you will be running at least one contest and playing various games during the broadcast, with some interesting spot prizes. These should be the products you normally sell, particularly ones that are related to the topic of the live video.

Announce a product launch

Whenever you are launching a new product, part of your marketing campaign should include a webinar or a live event in order to make a big deal out of it. It’s a chance to introduce the product, show it in action, and get people to see it for themselves, and perhaps even spread the word about it. Be clear you are launching an all-new item they will not want to miss.

Give them the VIP treatment

Announce that all attendees to the live launch will get special VIP treatment, but only them. Offer the product for a low price, and/or free bonuses.

During the broadcast

Social media

Ask them to share on Facebook or tweet the video’s URL in order to get anyone they think is interested to join in while it is live so they can watch, ask questions, and give feedback.

Instant Messenger

A lot of people use instant messenger services such as at Facebook and Snapchat. Ask them to give a shout out about the video so their friends can join in to learn more about your niche.

After the broadcast

Social media

Once the broadcast is over and the video has been archived, if you wish to allow people to continue accessing it, set the privacy level to the Public and encourage people to share the URL.


If you want to remind people where to find the archived video, email them a reminder. If you want to restrict the number of people who can see it and find it, making it more exclusive, set the privacy level to unlisted. Then encourage them to share this exclusive video via email or social media.


Ask them to write up a summary of what they learned in the video and add it to their blog, along with the URL for the video. Chances are you might get many more viewers if the reviews are good. Note: if the video does not turn out quite the way you wished, just delete the archived file. If you have time, re-do the video and post it on Facebook and YouTube.

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