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Get More People Excited to Attend Your Live Streams

How to Get More People Excited to Attend Your Live Streams


If you are going to go to all the trouble of creating live streams, it is only natural to want as many people as possible to attend them. While it is true that you can record and archive your videos so they can watch them after the event, it is also true that one of the reasons for making live videos in the first place is to be able to engage with your target audience.

If you want more attendees for your live broadcasts, here are a few suggestions:

1-Be sure there is a reason for interaction

Ask them to send questions in the feed that you will be answering. Do this at the end so you don’t get overly distracted with all of the comments flying in on the screen.

2-Set a topic in advance that they can look forward to

Choose a topic of broad interest to your niche audience and tell them what it will be. Ask for questions via email before the event, and during the event.

3-Be consistent

Don’t just do one live video and not do another one again for a year. Aim for monthly at the very least, and weekly if you can manage it.

4-Create a calendar for them to look forward to

Set your topics and your dates. Make sure the programs are varied. Promote the calendar and include show notes with keywords. This will make your content more searchable and could drive free traffic.

5-Let them get to know you

Be yourself. Make them feel there is a real person who puts their passion in their business and cares about helping them. No one likes to be sold to all the time. Building relationships is the secret to customer loyalty.

6-Make sure there is a reason to be live versus pre-recorded

Be live for a reason, such as a live event you are hosting or participating in, a behind the scenes look at something going on in your business, or a new product launch and demo of the product to introduce it to prospective customers. Also, consider asking special guests to come on to be interviewed and to answer their questions.

7-Network with pros

Networking with others in your niche in this way will usually mean they are willing to promote the live stream as well on their social media accounts. This means a win for both of you. Mention the next live broadcasts and your calendar at the end of your live video, and chances are you will get at least some of that pro’s audience to tune in again.

8-Leverage social media

Promote each live stream regularly. Announce any big events at least a couple of months ahead of time to make sure people pencil in the date. Updating your viewers on Facebook and Twitter will ensure they are informed about the time, place, and topic of the event and hopefully get them excited about coming.

9-Give them a save to Outlook option

For each live event, create a file they can open and save in Outlook. Then it will be right on their calendar with date, time and URL to log on. They will be much more likely to attend if they see it on their schedule for that day.

10-Offer videos of varying lengths

One school of thought says that the longer a video is, the more engaged the audience can become. On the other hand, people are busy and most likely will not be able to attend every single second of a 4-hour live stream on YouTube. Offer live interactive videos of varying lengths.

11-Use the right equipment

Make sure your video and audio quality is top-notch. You don’t want them clicking out because of technical issues.

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